submitted by HBEA President M. Langenbacher

Here is an article provided by Dr. Michael Smith, a local educator. He found these on the University of Tennessee web site “G0 Titans”

Periodically during the semester, especially at the end of a class in which much has happened, take five minutes to have students (anonymously) fill out index cards answering the following question: “What’s the most significant thing you heard or the most significant thing that happened in class today?” Let students know that this doesn’t just mean something that the instructor has said or done. The response could address any aspect of the class.  Complete a card answering the question yourself.
Later, read through all the responses, select one or more that are provocative enough to be useful in subsequent classes, then read them aloud, discuss the issues they raise, etc. Even if you’re unable to use one or more responses to follow up directly, these provide a good snapshot assessment of what’s happening for students. Their choices are almost always very diverse, and, not surprisingly, very different from what I have chosen as most significant. Inevitably, this exercise acts as a rudder to move my teaching and learning closer to the learning of the students.