by Cheryl Fujii

HBEA is seeking nominations for the position of Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Members are encouraged to participate on the Executive Board and to either apply or nominate a member to fill current vacancies. For nomination and Executive Board information, please refer to the HBEA link below to access the Constitution and Bylaws online.

HBEA Constitution, Articles & Bylaws

Article II – Duties of Officers/Executive Board

Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the president in preparing the calendar and planning the program for the year. The Vice President shall coordinate the activities of the various committees and assist the President and President-elect. The Vice President will serve as the current year’s State Conference Committee Chair. The Vice President shall assume other duties that the President and Executive Committee may delegate or assign. doug-choy-conferenceSecretary: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all the meetings of the Executive Board, timely distribute a copy of the minutes and agendas to each of the Executive Board members, and archive/destroy records according to the HBEA retention schedule.evelyn-wong-awardTreasurer: The Treasurer shall serve a term of two (2) years and shall receive and disburse the funds using a checking account in the name of the Association. The Treasurer may keep a $50.00 petty-cash fund for payments and purchases of items less than $10.00. The Treasurer shall submit a report of the receipts and the expenditures and balance on hand at each meeting and/or request of the President. The Treasurer shall assist the President-elect in preparing a statement of the proposed annual budget.2015-2016-hbea-boardArticle III – Election of Officers

Any candidate for the office of President-elect and Vice President must have served on the HBEA Executive Board for one (1) full year as an active member (participating in at least three-fourths [3/4] of the activities and meetings) within the last ten (10) years at the time of nomination.

For more information and to submit nominations, please contact Cheryl Fujii at or (808) 245-8244.