This year I am HBEA Past President. In addition to being on the HBEA Executive Board, I was the newsletter editor for HBEA for three years. It was an honor to have received the WBEA State, Territory, and Province (S/T/P) Newsletter Recognition award for two consecutive years. Membership in HBEA allows me to connect with fellow business teachers, industry professionals, and students throughout the State and provides the opportunity for community service, professional development, and leadership growth.

Share your name/nickname(s) and your business-education background.

I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Kaua`i. I graduated from Kapa`a High School, Cannon’s Business College, Kaua`i Community College (KCC), and the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.

I feel fortunate to have been at Kaua`i Community College since 1983 where I have worn various hats—office assistant, youth counselor, non-credit training coordinator, Office of Continuing Education and Training interim director, and now assistant professor and BTEC program coordinator.  From 1990 to 1994, I was a lecturer in Business Education, taught keyboarding and shorthand courses, and provided in-house training on Word-11. I also taught non-credit classes from 1993 to 2000 in keyboarding, DOS, WordPerfect, Windows, Microsoft Office, and business writing. It was during this period when I completed my bachelor’s degree in secondary education by commuting to the University of Hawai`i once a week while I worked full time at KCC.

 What do you do when you’re not teaching business?

When I’m not teaching business courses at Kaua`i Community College, I spend time with my family immersed in our favorite sport—fishing. We do mostly shoreline fishing, although occasionally we go out on our boat. My husband and son like to catch bigger game (o’io, moi, papio, and ulua), but my favorite is hooking the baby o’ama. We also fish for bass, and a few years ago chartered a trip to fish for striped, small-mouthed, and big-mouthed bass on Lake Mead in Las Vegas.cheryl-fujii-halibutGoing to Shelter Island was our high point in the summer of 2015, where we hauled in halibut, black cod, salmon, and other cold-water fish amidst gorgeous snow-capped Alaska mountains.

What did you do this past summer?cheryl-fujii-victory-gardenI spent part of this past summer cleaning closets, planting a small victory garden, reading detective novels, and catching up on my electronic obsessions.

Cheryl and family at the famous Manago Hotel

The highlight of the summer was spending five days enjoying the tourist life on Hawai`i Island.

Do you see the double rainbow?

The sights were gorgeous, the people were lovely, and the food was fantastic. My son had a blast fishing in Hilo Bay, and some of the fishermen were kind enough to share their fishing secrets with him.cheryl-fujii-bryson-fishingMaybe they will remember the persistent teen from Kaua`i who loved to fish and share his catch with them.